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Mom’s Point of View has been one mom for years but it was a time for a change.  While I (Terri) have been blogging I have found it hard to keep up with Mom’s Point of View alone.  I asked a couple of my girlfriends to join me on here.

So who are we?

Terri- I  am 35 years old and a mom of 4 kiddos.  I stay at home with my kids.  I also homeschool which can be a challenge at times but it has been totally worth it.  I have one daughter who is the oldest at 13.  She is our princess and she has been a little momma since our second was born.  She is a huge help to me.  My 10 year old is a clown.  He tries to make up jokes all the time.  He is also very loving.   My 7 year old is a live wire and a momma’s boy.  If you upset him you will get one of his looks. I think most people have seen that look.  My 5 year old is very loving and a total momma’s boy.  My 7 and 5 year old act like twins.  Most people think they are twins cause they are practically the same size.  I have been married to my wonderful husband for 14 years and I have known him since we were 15.   I am a total tomboy and I love to go shooting with my husband.  Some of my other hobbies are photography with my hubby (Click Happy Photo & Click Happy Photo FB), art, writing poetry, and blogging.   My family comes first and I am a strong believer in our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Chrissy-I am a new FORTY year-old.  New to 40, new to acting my age, and new to my body’s metabolism slowing down.  I have been married for ten-point-five years and have known my husband since we were teens.  We have two kids, both girls, and both incredibly girly and bossy.  I am a tomboy, so having two girls is new territory.  E is seven and flaunts the attitude of a fourteen year-old.  She loves life, loves to dance and sing and wants to learn to sew and all those girly things that I know nothing about, and is also a Type 1 Diabetic.  A is four, going on disgruntled postal employee.  She does everything her older sister does, but she adds a bit of flare.  She wants to do everything for herself and by herself.

I dabble in photography (Three Hills Photography & Consider the Noun) and I am a beginning runner.  I just got my first pair of REAL running shoes and have hopes to run my first 5k later this fall.  I have the desire to craft and create awesome stuff, but I’m just not very crafty.

I have hopes that I can bring some humor to the blog, some important information on Type 1 Diabetes, and perhaps some lessons in photography.
Janette’s Bio will come soon…

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