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Posted by on Mar 31, 2017 in Blog, Getaways, Review | 0 comments

Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg Va

On Monday my family and I went to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg Va.  We had never been there before but the kids have always been wanting to go.  So low and behold Groupon had a great deal and we snagged it for one night!

We got to Great Wolf around almost 4 near our check in time. After we checked in we headed to our room with our new wolf ears on and changed into our swimsuits.


Can you tell our kids were excited to be wolves?  There was a lot of howling going on.  Even my husband got into the howling lol. Our room had two queen sized beds and then the couch that my kids are setting on in the picture was a pull out bed.   Everything was nice and clean except for the main book that told you where everything was. That was because someone before us had spilled coffee on it.

The room also included a microwave which we used to pop popcorn later that night, a mini fridge, a small bathroom that had a tub and the sink which was outside the bathroom with a large mirror. There was also a tv and small dresser to put your clothes in.  I loved all the wooden decor and the bears on the lamps.  This room also led out to a balcony.  We only used that to dry our swimsuits on in the chairs outside.


The staff there was super nice.  We had no idea which way to go to get to anything so we had to ask people a few times.  We always got greeted nicely and also everyone told us to enjoy our stay and have a good day.  I love when places have friendly staff.

I really wish I would have taken pictures in the water park but neither my husband or I wanted to take our cell phones in there and chance them getting wet.  The water park was so fun!  My daughter who is 13 loves playing basketball.  So when she saw there was a place to shoot some hoops in the water that is where we stayed the first day.  We were completely worn out after that!

My husband took the boys with him into a wave pool and my oldest son who is 10 joined us after a little while so he could play basketball. By the end of the day everyone was so tired.  The kids almost didn’t want to get dinner because they we worn out from having so much fun.



The next day we had to check out around 11 am. So we started one of the scavenger hunts they had for us to do.  We had to find 12 objects hidden in the lobby.  Some of the things were a butterfly, bee, bunny, flower, etc.   They loved marking it off and taking it up to get a prize of gummy bears.

The other scavenger hunt was clues given to us for around the lodge.  We had to figure out which place they were asking us to go to and then get the next clue until we were done.  That took us all over the lodge so we got to see more than we probably would have just doing stuff on our own.  The kids had a blast.  The only problem we had with the clue hunt was the water park didn’t open till 10 am and that was like the 3rd clue place.  So when you want to do the hunt early before you have to check out it doesn’t really work.  Kinda upset the kids they had to wait to continue.

After we finished the hunt we went back to our room to get dressed in our swimsuits and headed to check out and back to the water park.  That is the great thing, you still get to use the park  after you check out for the day.

So instead of my daughter and I staying just in the part where you play basketball we decided to explore a little more.  There were 4 water slides where you rode in tubes.  2 of those we rode in a double tube.  The other 2 we rode in the tubes they already had for the rides.  It was a lot of fun!  They also had a lazy river which is always fun to relax in.

We really enjoyed our time there.  So if you are in Virginia and looking for a fun place to take your kids then I highly recommend Great Wolf Lodge!

Do you have fun places you like to go in your state?


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