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Posted by on Jan 3, 2017 in Blog, Review | 0 comments

Sam’s Pizza & Subs Review


We were so excited that we found another place that would deliver to us besides Domino’s Pizza.  We are not exactly in the boonies where we live because we have a Food Lion and a few other stores about 10 mins from our house.  Now if you try to find our house you would be shocked that we actually live near something.  Everyone passes our house even if they have been here a lot. Heck it took me a good month or more not to miss our driveway.

So having a second place that would deliver to us was kind of exciting.  We called them to find out if they would come to our house.  Turns out they did.  We ordered sub sandwiches. They were kind of bland.  I actually added more mayo to my sub to give it some flavor.  So our first impression was they were just okay.

We of course gave them the benefit of doubt and decided to order pizza from them.  They told us over the phone it would take about 30 to 45 minutes.  Okay we can handle that.  They are new to the area.  Well I believe they said 6 months or so. So we waited and we waited some more.  We played games with the kids to pass time.  Then realized we were really hungry.  They were almost 1 hour late! My husband called them to see if they were on the way.  The person told him yes.  So we waited a little more.  By that time I was angry.  Okay I’ll be honest I was hangry!  Being hungry and mad at the same time is a very bad combination for me.

I asked the hubby to call again!  It was about an hour and a half before we finally got a call from the person who was trying to find our house. They totally had the wrong house number.  Come on we ordered from you before.  It should be in the system this time.  Ugh the hangry took over.  I started fussing and told my hubby if the pizza was cold we would not pay! Lucky for them it wasn’t cold and I was so hungry by the time they got here I didn’t care either way.

So the pizza was okay.  I prefer Domino’s Pizza over Sam’s.  It was nice to have an option of different food to be delivered but heck when they are that late and the food is okay…you just deal with not having food delivered to your house.  Maybe sometime we will get someone else who will deliver to us but for now we will stick with Domino’s Pizza if we want something delivered.  So if you are in Lady Smith I would avoid getting Sam’s delivered to you.  Instead go somewhere and pick up the food.  We learned our lesson.   If you really like Sam’s then I would just pick it up unless you like waiting over an hour for your food.


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