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Posted by on Jul 18, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

The Art of The Orb of Terra

My buddy Leo has his book in the process of being published!  I am so excited for book number 3 to come out.  Jupiter Chronicles is an amazing book series.  Here is a link to learn all about the Artists.


Here is what the book is all about…Taken from Leo’s site.

So what’s book 3 about? Here’s the synopsis:

In the tradition of City of Ember, this family adventure is a high stakes space race to save our world from an invading force before it is too late. But will this family be torn apart in the process?

Find your destiny.

-Book 3-

Will Ian’s quest to find his destiny away from Jupiter lead to Earth’s untimely demise?

In his quest to find his life’s purpose, Ian Castillo helps one of Earth’s greatest scientific minds, Dr. Nikola Tesla, to make the scientific discovery of a lifetime! A strange mineral that can perhaps power our world for decades to come. What they discover is that it is not just an energy source, but also something much more! When the device powered by the mineral is activated, it awakens a sleeping giant buried under the Earth by the Martians hundreds of years before. The beast known as “Gigantes” leaves behind a trail of destruction and calls out to an even deadlier enemy headed for Earth. 

And the secret inside the mineral will change everything for Earth and the entire Jovian Realm…forever.


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