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Posted by on Aug 17, 2017 in Blog | 2 comments

Who are You?

Have you ever wondered what your name means?  Do you already know?  Do you know why you have the name you do?

This is something that just came across my mind.  I really should ask my family about their names.  For me I know why I was named Terri Lynn.  My brother named me.  YES really, because he was 18 when I was born.  My brother named me after a girl he thought was beautiful in high school.  Knowing that makes me feel so wonderful inside because I was named after a beautiful girl.  I have seen pictures and she totally was beautiful.


My baby picture

Now as for the meaning of Terri I looked into it and it is a form of Theresa.  Everyone in school thought my name was Theresa and I was just called Terri.  Nope I have always been just Terri.  I love my name. So one girl friend of mine totally has my name.  Terri and also Lynn.  We were both born in the same year as well.  I love that!  Also I have two guy friends named Terry and a couple of Terry’s in my family. One being a girl with the spelling with a Y.

So what is the Origin of the Name Terri?  Apparently it is of Greek origin and it means harvester.  I decided to search online for pictures I think would describe this part of me.  These were my favorite ones I have come across.




My middle name Lynn is from an English surname which was derived from Welsh llyn meaning “lake.”

McNicollBy the Lake oc 20x24 web

I have always loved my name.  Some people say they hate their names (Like my husband Chris.) and wished it wasn’t the name they had.   Not me, I can’t see myself as any other name than Terri.

So what is your name?  Do you know the meaning behind it? Where did you get your name?  Do you love or hate it?



  1. So you know Terri Lynn I always hate my name until you made me curious enough to check it out…..Now I love it Betty…Greek name from the Hebrew name Elisheba meaning oath of God,or god is satisfaction…Then there’s No a French baby name,May Jehovah add,( to the family) diminutive of Joanne meaning god is gracious!! Then I went a step further and checked Joi…. Omgosh English baby name meaning rejoicing!! Omg now I love my name!! Thanks Terri

    • I am glad it gave you the chance to learn more about your name. <3

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