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Posted by on Apr 10, 2014 in Book Review | 0 comments

Jupiter Chronicles: The Ice Orphan of Ganymede book review

Are you ready for book number two?  Wait you haven’t read book one?  What are you waiting for?!  Jupiter Chronicles is a Steampunk children’s series written by Leonardo Ramirez.  In plain terms if you like Sci-Fi type adventures then this is a great book for you and you kids.

A quick recap of book number one: The Secret of The Great Red Spot:

Ian and his sister Callie are dealing with being children of a single parent family because their dad went missing 5 years ago.  They have many hardships and their mother struggles to take care of them.  Ian is hurt and doesn’t want to use a telescope which was the last gift his father left him.  His little sister Callie on the other hand is very curious (She likes to get into a lot of things.) and decides to look through the telescope.  The telescope activates and turns into a device that takes the children on an amazing adventure to Jupiter.  The kids end up having to save their father and the Jovians before the Martians launch their attack.

Did that spark your interest?  If so you can read my full review here and learn just how excited my children were while reading book number one.

Now for book number two:  The Ice Orphan of Ganymede

The Synopsis taken from

The war has been won, the Jovians are free of the tyranny of Phobos, but the planet now lies in ruins. The Sinu and the Fiegan Firelords are threatening a civil war and the people of Jupiter are going hungry. First Petros has failed as their protector and General Ardor wants him replaced.

To make matters worse, the Castillos face a new challenge.

Ian is sick and no doctor on Earth can help him.

When Ian and Callie return to Jupiter to find a cure, they discover that the secret may be found in the Book of Ganymede. But now, the book is missing.

Left with no answers they are forced to face a painful truth.

Ian is dying.

If you have read book number one and loved it you will LOVE book number two as well.  The book starts off with a flash back and you learning about a mother and her young son.  Their ship was being attacked and it ends up going down.  Pay close attention to them because they become a very important part of Ian and Callie’s life. I was shocked and I figured it out before my kids.  They were like “WHAT!?”

The book then goes to the present time and you are learning that Ian is very ill.  The kids learn the only way for Ian to get well is for them to take another trip to Jupiter.  Callie and Ian have a very exciting journey like in the first book.  This time they play in a deadly game called Drifterdash.  I don’t want to go into details but I will say this…I don’t know if I could be brave enough to play the game.

I am not into spoiling and giving away the best parts of the book so you will just have to believe me when I say you don’t want to miss out on reading this book.  My seven year old asks “Are they going to make this into a movie?”  I agree with him.  This series would make an awesome movie!  I love how excited my kids get when we read this book together.  It is really my favorite time I spend with them.  We all get to let our imaginations run wild when we read The Jupiter Chronicles.

The Ice Orphan of Ganymede will be out this month!  I will post when I hear that it has been released.

You can purchase the first book on Amazon for $5.39 for the paperback edition or $.099 for the Kindle edition.



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